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Here, every heart is like a flower encircled by a rainbow, beating to the rhythm of the sundial. For us life is big and we walk through it slowly, cloistered under the City’s warm roofs. When the church tower choir let their voice spread along the facades, one lady chooses her companion and a fierce knight replaces his sword with kisses. Here, you know the entire universe is interwoven into a child's smile sent to the stars and even the wind at night, silently, through whispering dreams, rolls the moonlight over the roofs, without waking little Angels.

Inhale and imagine, feel and enjoyThe City loved by its inhabitants, admired and praised by visitors

The City of Varaždin located in the north of Croatia on the southern bank of the River Drava is the cultural, educational, economic, sport and tourist centre of North-western Croatia. Here you will feel the spirit of the Medieval and Baroque eras which has been confirmed time and time again by Varaždin’s awards as the best inland Croatia tourist destination. Here every view is a picture postcard every moment is permeated with beauty.

About Varazdin


  • Number of inhabitants: approx. 50,000
  • Altitude: 169 m - 173 m
  • Average annual temperature: 10°C
  • Average annual humidity: 78%

The Historic City Core


What makes Varaždin different form other cities is its unique monumental and artistic heritage with a beautifully preserved rich historic core. In addition to the Old Town complex, on a relatively small area there are preserved palaces, important public buildings, valuable houses and villas in the Baroque, Rococo, Classic and Art Nouveau styles as well as one of Europe’s oldest city halls.

The richness of its religious heritage will tell you another story about Varaždin as a City of bell towers, and the people who were building it over the centuries, whilst angels on the altars, walls and paintings will use their goodness to thank you for any glimpse you gave them.

Old Town (the Medieval Fortification)


Varaždin’s feudal fortification, which have since time immemorial been called the ‘Old Town’, is the most important historic building in Varaždin. It was the centre of a feudal estate, whose title and legal rights were independent from those of the Royal Free Town of Varaždin. Today’s fortification was built between the 14th and 19th Centuries and the oldest part is the central tower. Benches and canopies on its ground floor are the most beautiful examples of secular Gothic style in Northern Croatia. During wars with the Turks in the 16th Century the fortification was converted into a renaissance moat castle (‘Wasserburg’) –surrounded by high earthen embankments with bastions and two belts of water. Remodelling in the second half of the 16th Century was carried out by Italian architects from the area around Como, led by the Domenico de Lallio: the main royal architect for border fortifications on the Slavonian border.

To honour the millennial anniversary of the Kingdom of Croatia the Varaždin City Museum was opened in 1925. Within its buildings are the oldest collections of the Cultural and Historic Department, whose numerous collections are displayed in stylish rooms. A most valuable collection of guild objects, furniture, historic portraits, weaponry, paintings, clocks, porcelain and glass are there along with many other items from the daily life of Varaždin’s nobility and wealthy citizens which can today be viewed in 40 of the Museum’s rooms.

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